Drapery Cleaning


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Drapery Cleaning

Drapery or curtains add an elastic, live and royal touch to your home and office décor. We use drapery widely in our residences and commercial buildings and hence they are an integral part of our daily lives. However, when it comes to cleaning them, we must go that extra mile so that they stay in good condition and work for us for long years. Also, draperies can invite dust and dirt deposition over a period and the stains and grimes that might settle on them need to be given a thorough cleaning so that their looks are retained and they do not become a hygiene hazard.

The topic of drapery cleaning

Though draperies give us years of dedicated service, they need to undergo tough weather conditions and many other challenges during their lifetime. They need to cope up with cold, heat, exposure to sunlight and dirt from time to time with the intensity of these factors varying between different seasons. Hence they need a professional cleaning to retain their looks and hygienic condition. They too become home to harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms in course of time and a periodical cleaning can ensure that their looks are retained besides not turning them into homes for dirt and pathogens. Clean draperies speak a lot about your professionalism in maintaining your home or office.

Why drapery cleaning is not a DIY job?

There is no doubt you can undertake drapery cleaning yourself. However, there are some downsides when you attempt to clean your drapery. Overusing the home cleaning detergents over a long time on the drapery can leave it faded. Faded curtains will lose their fresh and energetic looks and will appear shabby and old. Drapery that is thick is very hard to clean by hand or in washing machines. On the other hand, delicate curtains, expensive curtains, and designer type curtains are best left to professionals to clean so that your inexperienced handling does not damage them or ruin their beauty.

About our drapery cleaning services

We are a professional firm providing the full range of commercial and residential cleaning services to home and offices. While dealing with all segments of cleaning your premises, we leave no topic unattended. We have a long experience in drapery cleaning and the tools, implements, materials, and equipment we use for drapery cleaning can assure a neat finish with regard to drapery or curtain cleaning. We make use of the best technology and machinery available for drapery cleaning. Deep vacuuming processes we adopt can such the deep settled dust and dirt completely out of them thereby enhancing their freshness and appearance.

Why entrust drapery cleaning services to us

Our cleaning processes are in line with world-class procedures. We have a team of trained and dedicated staff who can do a neat and courteous job on your drapery cleaning needs. We can do the cleaning during your convenient time not disturbing your regular routine. Our customer-friendly practices and policies will delight you and make you feel we are the right choice when it comes to drapery cleaning.

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